The original effective citronella

Citronella made in Italy

Candles and Church supplies
Candles and incenses for the Church

Shiny candles for a shiny life
Candles white inside, coloured and/or lacquered outside, for a daily use and a perfect burning quality.

Colours & fragrances for your home
The colour of the candle matches the room decoration, sometimes supported by fragrances. Through-coloured (and fragranced) wax.

Italian luxury candles
Lacquered candles where you can mirror yourself, always finished by hand.

Fine fragrances for your home
Candles and home fragrances inspired by perfumes of the Florece Baroque period.

The pure power of candle light
Naked candles with nothing but the flame fascination. Minimalism and effectiveness in both price and project.

Candles & more
Service products, accessories, gift ideas.