From a scientific point of view, WAX is everything that has a waxy look, i.e.everything that is malleable at room temperature (or slightly more) and has a low melting point. Waxes can be vegetable, animal, mineral and synthetic and feature very different characteristics.

Waxes can be useful in many industries:
for its electrical insulation properties (plants)
for its waterproofing properties (impregnating industry)
for its high thermal capacity (thermal accumulators)
for its low melting point (lost wax casting)
for its lubricant property (mechanical industry)
as support of active principles, lubricants etc.

Candle production has always been one of the main uses of waxes, therefore we have gained a good experience in the management and processing of waxes.

We can offer different products for industrial use and we cooperate with many chemical industries developing and manufacturing private label specialties.

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