In 1805 a Granduke’s writ allowed Alberto Graziani to import beeswax from India and to bleach it to make candles. Graziani were moving their first steps! In 1860 Leone, Abramo’s son, set up a modern plant in Via delle Colline. In 1905 Leone left the factory to his son Alberto, who decided to produce mainly church candles. WWI anyway (1915-1918) boosted production of stearic candles, very much in demand for lighting because of the war. In 1923 Leone’s son, Gino, a former an air-force colonel, decorated with 2 silver medals, took his father’s place in the candle factory. He increased the production capacity and started production of candles for household and military use. WWII interrupted this development and the factory did not operate between 1943 and 1945. Production restarted thanks to young Alberto’s energy. He renovated the factory, adding new lines and starting the production of coloured and decorative candles. In the 70’s a new factory was built close to the oil refinery, but in 1975 a devastating fire destroyed it. In a few months the factory was rebuilt on the same foundations and equipped with new machines. In the 80’s Mario, Alberto’s son, joined his father and started production of scented candles. At the end of 1995 the first Graziani website is available on the Internet, it was one of the first catalogues on line in the web! Alberto Graziani, an enterpreneur gifted with great integrity and humanity, died in 2002. Mario Graziani takes over the business as a sole trader. In 2006 the company becomes a Limited Company owned by Mario Graziani, his daughters Maria and Laura, and his wife Francesca Ricci. In 2007 the factory is moved to the new headquarters of Lorenzana, in the Tuscan countryside. It remains the tradition of a family business from father into son for 6 generations.