We have been making candles since 1805, handing down from father to son passion, tradition and entrepreneurship.
We do not forget where we come from; as our project was born in Livorno, on the Tuscan coast, we have decided to devote this luxury range to its iconic and ancient Meloria tower.
Our candles are the result of a precious balance, history and tradition, but also research and innovation, in the selection of the raw materials and of the manufacturing technologies. The finishing is always only by hand and quality control is carried out but the export human eye, that decides if a candle can be branded with the Meloria name, synonymous to luxury interiors.
Meloria candles are distinguished by their extremely shiny finish achieved by a natural cellulose-based varnish which is allowed to completely dry for up to six days. Meloria candles are packed in stylish packaging gift box that make them a perfect gift item.

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