Graziani candles at Frankfurt

Graziani candles at Frankfurt

14:39 06 February in events

Graziani candles have been selected for the 3 Trend Shows held in Frankfurt in conjunction with Christmasworld and Ambiente trade shows.
The three shows aim to present the best decorating products, selected from around the world by internationally renowned architects and designers.

Decoration Unlimited: Down to Earth – Christmasworld

This exhibition aims to inspire industry buyers to create an even more stunning in-store experience, this time with a fine selection of decorative elements in earth tones. Rudi Tuinman and his 2Dezing team, who were responsible for the selection and set-up, chose to complement the setting with lacquered ball candles from the Ceralacca collection in shades of ochre, ivory, and pearl gray.

Christmasworld Trends 23+

The well-known designer Annette Palmisano selected Ceralacca candles for inclusion in the exhibit titled “lasting ideas_passionate + evocative: Decorations with a clear design statement.”
Craftsmanship, great manufacturing heritage and industrial know-how come together to create designs with a strong character and striking geometries. Shades of oil and blue dominate the cool range, while red-orange, purple and ochre create warm color accents.

Ambiente Trends 23+

Candles from the Meloria collection were included by designer Palmisano in all three Trend displays. “Unknown beauty_strange + gracious” with a color palette characterized by intense and extravagant colors alternating with pleasant and soft nuances. Multicolored and shimmering shades dominate.
“Calming nature_careful + pleasant” with a color palette focused on natural tones, which have a particularly soft effect due to their pigmentation. The cooler orientation features shades from the plant world, while the neutral range features shades of stone and metal.
“Lasting ideas_passionate + evocative” with color tones that form the basis for powerful design: shades of oil and blue dominate the cool range, while intense red-orange with shades of purple and yellow drive the warm orientation.