Graziani candles illuminates Pisa

Graziani candles illuminates Pisa

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The Luminara of Saint Ranieri is a candlelight festival and is the most thrilling event in Tuscany. It takes place every year on June 16th along the banks of the river Arno in Pisa. At sunset, 90.000 candles previously put onto Pisa’s bridges, doors and windows are ignited.
As in the previous years, these candles are provided by Graziani.

Here we would like to explain how the magic starts and how these candles work.






To ensure the candle lasts for the duration of the festival, it is important to light them correctly.
First of all, it is important to light the wick and wait until the wax near the wick starts to melt.
Then, it is important to cover the container with the special lid in order to protect the flame from rain and wind.
After some time, the hot air generated by the flame fills the interior of the container and makes the wax melt completely.