Graziani, candles since 1805

When my grandgrandfather’s grandfather started to make candles, back in 1805, he did not think his business would last so long, neither could he imagine how much the world would change. In the past two centuries, almost everything has changed, but not our passion, that makes us carry out continuous innovations in order to comply with our customers’ requirements.We offer all kind of candles: colour candles, scented candles, garden candles, but we are ready to create new items on demand.

We make in our factor most of the candles we offer, but we know that it’s important to supply also accessories, developed in order to allow for a best use of our candles.

We have customers allover the world, and we want to have a special relationship with each of them, because each customer has got different requirement: contact us and tell us what you are looking for.

You can email us in English, French, German, Spanish and of course also in Italian. Last but not least, you are very welcome to visit our factory in Lorenzana, 20 kms from Pisa International Airport.

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